Are you ready
for something new?
Perhaps you've heard of TicketForEvent, EventsWallet, AI_Expo and ExpoPromoter projects
We teamed up, added innovation and — some magic
Getting feedback from more than 26 thousands of our customers in China, Russia, Ukraine, Europe and Asia, we have gathered the best experience and now we are creating a product that meets all the requirements of the modern market
A platform for creating ticket stores and an online event registration service.
Mobile application for saving events and working at events.
AI platform to get recommended events and contacts.
A partner platform based on affiliate network, providing business events with tickets distribution and marketing services
Our features
Meet the first innovative single set of tools for event organizers. 75+ possibilities for organizer and visitor to get maximum from event
QR features
Scan for saving event to the smartphone — now it will become much simpler for visitor! And organizer will have access to free remarketing to remind a potential visitor of the need to buy a ticket.

More about QR features
Tickets distribution
By combining partner databases, you now have access to 10,000 distributors from 86 countries. Therefore, connecting to the affiliate program, an increase in ticket sales will be from 27% with a significant reduction in marketing costs.
Next update — soon
In total, there are more than 75 possibilities for organizer and visitor to get the most out of the event. Every month until the end of the year, we will present these opportunities to you.
Our clients
and 20 000 clients more
Do you want more info about Biletum? – Stay tuned.
Our team
Hennadiy Netyaha
Simon Zagainov
CEO ExpoPromoter
Gleb Sotula
COO Europe
Sergey Koval
Alyona Iakovyna
Business Analyst
Alexander Kravchenko
Chief Product Officer
Yury Timoschuk
CTO B2B Stream
Rustam Radzhabov
CTO B2С2С Stream
Andrei Kolpakov
CTO AI Stream
Rostyslav Netyaha
Owner / Director at Biletum OU (Estonia)
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